Serious video work in issue-based advocacy doesn't need to be dull and didactic.

Team Bios

Rob Shore (President/Executive Producer)

rob shoreRob Shore is the president of Picture This Productions, a full service video production company based in Washington, DC. He won the 2016 Webby Award for Best Documentary Series for the series mini-series Conflict, which he produced. Rob has produced viral digital and interactive content across many genres and platforms, and worked as the Creative Director of the MacArthur Award-winning think tank, the FrameWorks Institute. Rob's work stems from an underlying belief that what is smart and sophisticated can and should also be beautiful, compelling, and entertaining.

Chris Keener (Director)

Chris KeenerChris Keener is an LA-based filmmaker who has spent the past fifteen years in creative development, production, and post on short films for outfits like National Geographic, HBO, ESPN, Netflix, and Discovery Channel. His commercial and promotional work has ranged from large arts organizations and NGO's to blue-chip brands and bands. He loves finding humor and compassion in his work and his lust for high seas has taken him the world over, camera and surfboard in tow.

Ian Fay (Producer)

ian fayIan Fay has been in the intelligent entertainment business since he was five. With mixed roots in music, performance, and technology, everything became a production. Propelling from the Internet boom in 1995, web, media, and video have been at the forefront of his creative endeavors. Moving to Washington, DC in 2006, the immersion of visual communication and storytelling became his niche and he began producing films. He has produced award winning shorts and contributed to numerous documentary features. In 2012 he formed The Lookout, a video collective in Adams Morgan, with fellow filmmakers and friends. The Lookout has since flourished to over 45, in-house, video and digital creatives, making it DC’s only video incubator.

Steve Souryal (Audio Specialist)

Steve SouryalSteve Souryal is a recovering band member who years ago decided to get on the other side of the mics and hasn’t looked back. He’s worked on a number of feature documentaries, commercials, and pieces for major networks, and is one of the friendliest sound guys you’ll ever meet.

Ivan Kander (Motion Graphics)

ivan kanderIvan Kander is a dc-based motion designer and filmmaker with an eye for aesthetics and a passion for strong storytelling. Well-versed in a variety of different mediums—from animation to live action—he aims to make make videos that both entertain and inspire.

Holly Valero (Web Development)

holly valeroHolly Valero is a web developer, designer and publisher of traditional (print) and digital publications. Holly lives in Southern Maine and is the driving force behind HollyWorks.